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Nogent***, c'est du 100% fabrication française !

The Expert range: the high performance range:

Nogent *** is 100% made in France! You must already smell the smell of your barbecue calling you at the table! Fall for this batch of knives and this unique innovation to have a blade composed of 4 teeth to the millimeter for a quality of cut that you will never regret! In addition, say goodbye to sharpening with these knives!

You will be delivered in 48h and all payments are secure! The delivery is offered beyond 50 € of purchase. Trust the quality Nogent *** 100% MADE IN FRANCE

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Knives with the Affidenté ® blade:

First, the blade is made of hardened stainless steel, bevelled over its entire length. Indeed, the cutting edge benefits from the Affidenté ® technology, providing a 4 tooth to millimeter toothing that is virtually invisible to the naked eye for exceptional cutting quality. Very comfortable to use, EXPERTS galley knives do not tear food, but cut it with precision. Knives with the Affidenté ® blade, on your plate that will change the taste of your dishes!

In addition, the handle is polypropylene, color and guarantees unbreakable. It is also dishwasher safe.

This lot includes: Four expert grills with its 11cm blade with the Affidenté® blade (teeth with 4 teeth to mm practically invisible to the naked eye).

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