Set of knives Color – Paring knife

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Nogent *** is 100% made in France! It is true that it is always more practical to have several paring knives in your kitchen! That’s why we offer 4 galley knives of the color range! Keeping or offering these knives will give you a full satisfaction!

You will be delivered in 48 hours and all payments are secure! The delivery is offered beyond 50 € of purchase. Trust the quality Nogent *** 100% MADE IN FRANCE

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Range: Color – 9 cm

First of all, the smooth blade is made of hardened stainless steel, bevelled over its entire length. In addition, the blade is manually sharpened for excellent cutting quality. This paring knife cuts and cuts with dexterity meats and vegetables, and it peels fruits and vegetables.

The handle is polypropylene color. Its manufacture makes impossible a break between the handle and the blade. It is dishwasher safe. It is essential for culinary preparations, finely chop herbs, vegetables, fruits, meat … It is the versatile knife par excellence. Its smooth blade allows optimal penetration into soft foods like tomatoes.


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