Single-edged peeler – Polypropylene – Gray – Nogent *** – Expert

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The Nogent peeler – Right-handed

A peeler for right-handed you will find everywhere, but a peeler with two blades of a quality like this one, only Nogent offers it to you! Make your own idea!

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Trust the quality Nogent *** 100% MADE IN FRANCE

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The blade of the peeler and its handle:

Single-edged peeler: Range: Classic

First of all, the blade is made of stainless steel, the sharp edge makes it easy to peel fruits and vegetables. In addition, the tip of the blade is machined to allow you to easily remove the “eye” of the potato. The single cutting edge allows easy use by a right-handed person and is anti-furring.

The handle is in beech wood, naturally dried for one year, tinted and varnished. Its shape ensures a perfect hold in hand. Whether you have a large or small hand, this simple cutting edge peeler will give you great satisfaction.

The single-edged peeler

Nogent So why hesitate? All the conditions are there to have a good time in your kitchen with good tools. Being well equipped is the most important thing to be able to cook properly!

This type of peeler is thought to optimize the moments of preparation. This peeler is designed to remove the skin of vegetables or fruits. Indeed, its blade allows to fulfill the conditions necessary to peel thin or thick skins.


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