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Steak knife 11 cm – 6 bought 1 free – Color Wood – RED

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Nogent***, c'est du 100% fabrication française !

Nogent steak knife *** – 6 knives priced at 5

Nogent *** is 100% made in France! Add the essential to your kitchen! The table knife is the knife that everyone uses to eat, so let yourself be tempted!

You will be delivered in 48h and all payments are secure! The delivery is offered beyond 50 € of purchase so take advantage of it to make you happy. Trust the quality Nogent *** 100% MADE IN FRANCE

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The blade of the Nogent *** tooth knife:

First, the blade is made of hardened stainless steel, bevelled over its entire length. In addition, the blade is manually sharpened for excellent cutting quality. This tooth knife cuts and dexterously cuts meats and vegetables, and peels fruits and vegetables. Its notched blade no longer makes it necessary to sharpen and sharpen the knife. The teeth of the blade make it easier to get into the products you want to cut! The handle is charming wood, dried naturally for a year, tinted and varnished. Its shape ensures you a perfect hold in hand.

Whether you have large or small hand, this cutting tool will give you great satisfaction. It is essential for culinary preparations, mincing finely herbs, vegetables, fruits, meat … It is the versatile knife par excellence. Its blade allows optimal penetration into soft foods like tomatoes. It is also practical for finely chopping the herbs

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