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How to start the zero waste trend.

At a time of zero waste trend and start gently without disturbing your daily life too much, you can simply put a compost pile in your garden.

What is compost?

First of all, it is important to know that compost is an environmental action aimed at recycling organic materials. It helps to nourish, protect and strengthen your plants or your vegetable garden, without using any type of harmful products such as fertilizers or other industrial products.

Having compost in your home means you have a natural, high-quality fertilizer that doesn’t emit any bad smell. Compost therefore improves plant growth and also reduces waste.


Condition for good compost at home.

It is best to choose a discreet place in your garden where you have room to integrate a composter or a compost bin.

Your pile must be in contact with the soil to allow microbial activity to act and do its job.

Making compost at home requires you to consider a few conditions:

Shred your large waste, this avoids slowing down decomposition.
Avoid piling up too thick layers of the same material. It is preferable to pile up a variety of materials in small quantities.
Try to maintain a balanced humidity. The best thing is to water the pile if the weather is too dry, and cover it in heavy rain.
If you want a perfect result, put thin layers of nettle on because this weed is very useful as a remarkable compost activator.

Finally, a last tip to apply, discard your vegetable peelings, lawn mowing, fireplace ashes, egg shells, coffee grounds, tea bags, wilted flowers and dead leaves. And you will be the king of compost!