Paring knife 9 cm – Sharp Blade – Gray – Expert – Nogent ***

Why choose a knife from the expert range?

Nogent***, c'est du 100% fabrication française !

All conditions are there to have a good time in your kitchen with good tools. Being well equipped is the most important thing to be able to cook properly!

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The Expert range: the high-performance range:

The Nogent*** galley knife

What you need to remember about this “sharp” novelty is how to make the blade, and how it is sharpened. Indeed, these knives of the “expert” range are now sharpened on a DIAMOND grinding wheel for exceptional cutting quality. It should also be known that this blade is very thick since it can reach up to 2.5 mm. It is also ground bevel all the way!

First of all, the blade is made of hardened stainless steel, with the particularity of having a very high carbon and molybdenum content! Bevel ground along its entire length. Indeed, the cutting-edge benefits from the technology sharp, practically invisible to the naked eye for an exceptional quality of cut. Very comfortable to use, the EXPERT knives do not tear the food, but cut it with precision.

In addition, the handle is polypropylene, color and guarantees unbreakable. It is also dishwasher safe! The color of our products is the result of painstaking work to find the best blend between dyes and the main material of our products. The quality of this dye allows you to put your products in the dishwasher without losing the hue of your colors.


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