The Nogent *** scissors

The Nogent *** scissors

The folding scissors manufactured by Nogent *** come from the tradition and know-how of the Nogentais basin. But how are these famous Nogent *** scissors made?

The technical point:Paire de ciseaux de poche Nogent*** rouge

Pair of red Nogent pocket scissors *** To all lovers of this particular pair of scissors, we whisper the secrets of its manufacture. You should know that Nogent scissors *** are assembled with a screw, not a rivet, which allows to adjust the blade play (which can vary with the wear of time). Maintenance and repair are facilitated.

Each pair of scissors is unique!

Each blade has an engraved number that allows it to be paired to ensure a perfect fit. And because what is beautiful is often the fruit of many operations, more than 70 different manipulations, mostly manual, are necessary to make a pair of scissors of this quality. All parts, including screws, are made of stainless steel. The blades and springs are soaked and the item is fully polished.

Made in France by Nogent ***, pocket folding scissors are the result of craftsmanship developed over many years. They are characterized by:

  • an irreproachable finish, they are fully polished, adjusted and sharpened by hand an
  • ultra compact design to accompany you in all your travels
  • 100% guaranteed quality “Made in France” in stainless steel, with adjustment screw and retaining springs.

A pair of scissors and …

Paire de ciseaux Nogent de poche ! L'innovation made in France !

Pair of pocket Nogent scissors! Innovation made in France! These Nogent scissors *** are delivered in a full grain cow leather case, entirely made in France, with 6 colors to choose from.

The Nogent *** folding scissors allow a multitude of uses. Used indifferently by a man or a woman, they can be used to: Sewing Embroidery The manicure
And all the little finishing works. Nogent and his tutorial! Their sizes and their cases allow them to be kept permanently in their pocket or purse. An ideal gift to give or to be given!

Now you understand why our coins are so precious! Made with real French know-how, these Nogent *** scissors represent the excellence of the Nogent *** brand!

So do not hesitate to bring it with the color of your favorite wallet