Prepare your Grilling knives!

Grilling knives

We arrive there, at this time where the dinner outside is chained and where the friends parade at our tables! But what a shame to receive these guests without this little extra. But not just any distinction. And if at your table, you put grilling knives of color.

For generations, Nogent *** has been forced to reinvent itself to offer you ranges of products worked and which correspond to you. Today we’re going to talk about our expert knives® to cut everything out of your barbecue. We’ve already talked about this micro-toothed blade with affine® technology.

Couteaux qui ne s'aiguise pas de la marque Nogent ***

The blade that does not sharpen!

The knives of the expert range that are equipped with this technology, do not sharpen. What pleasure is born in this discovery. Say goodbye to the minutes spent tirelessly rubbing your blades against this gray stone. We will not go so far as to say that it changes your life, but it improves you.

But back to our barbecues and grills. The special grilling blades are designed to be perfectly suitable for this type of cut. The black or colored handle, also has its particularity. Indeed we made it thicker and bigger than our other classic sleeves. Why ? Because we want the best for you and those around you. Because we are convinced that a knife must be the man’s best friend when he is sitting at a table.

The Trendy range

Barbecue Nogent ***

Because the appearance of its importance (the dress does not make the monk of course …) we have chosen to give color to our sleeves. We called this range “Trendy” Grill knives are not the only ones to benefit from this advantage. Thus, the boards and our peelers also have the chance to see life in pink, green or blue!

So it’s time to crack and choose this range of expert knives affidenté®!

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