With what to sharpen his knife?

How to sharpen his knives?

This is probably the question that everyone asks without necessarily seeking the right answer. How many times are you annoyed with a blade that does not cut without knowing what to do with it? The purpose of this article is to help you by giving a little life and cutting edge to your old knives! You will see that it is both simple and very satisfying to know how to sharpen your blades.

Which material to use?

To give your blades their edge of yesteryear, there are several easy-to-use tools that can be used by anyone. But first you must understand the advantages of each other to choose the one that suits you best!

The whetstone:

Whetstone is one of the best known utensils for sharpening your blades. And that’s normal since it’s also a tool that offers a lot of benefits. Note for starters that it is with this stone that you will get the best result. Despite the fact that its use is peculiar and methodical, it is the tools that offer the best rendering. It is also a tool that extends the life of your blades because it respects the structure of the steel and does not remove a lot of material.

The rifle to sharpen:

Sharpening rifle is a perfect tool for daily sharpening of your blades. This is the material to have absolutely at home! This utensil is easier to use and more manageable! Its handle makes it more pleasant and more effective. Indeed, add to the fact of removing little material, it will give you a sharp blade in record time! This tool is therefore necessary if you use it often and if you do not want to waste too much time with the sharpening and honing of your costs. Their edge will be impressive and little effort will have to be gathered for a clear and precise result.

The little extra:

If you choose a whetstone, there is something you should not forget or ignore! When you make your horizontal rubs, you must apply an angle between your blade and your stone of 35 °. This makes your actions more efficient and respects the material of your blade.