Looking for tomatoes?

Don’t blush again if you didn’t know it!

Because the season is approaching that you are fed up with this gloomy weather you absolutely want to find cheerfulness, colour and warmth in your dishes. Don’t hesitate to quickly prepare a beautiful tomato salad. To do this, Nogent*** is there and is committed to meeting your desires by offering you its special tomato range.

But how to choose the right tomatoes?

A good tomato is best enjoyed in their true season (July, August and late September). Thus, a good tomato will be firm and supple, if it is well ripe and will also be well flavoured. It is therefore important to smell your tomatoes. Avoid choosing tomatoes that are too soft, which means they are too ripe. Choose the short channel (market, small producer) or you will have a better chance of finding tastier tomatoes.

If you want a better conservation of your tomatoes to preserve their flavour, it is important to leave them at room temperature, so avoid placing them in your refrigerator or they may lose all their aroma and find a tasteless fruit.


The tomato special!

Nogent*** therefore offers you a special tomato range composed of a peeler and a tomato knife with an 11 cm blade and notched at 1 mm perfect for a beautiful fresh tomato salad. This range guarantees you a resistance, an outstanding cutting edge, a precise handling with a durable comfort of use. With its red polypropylene plastic handle and comfortable cutting, you no longer have any excuse to skip the preparation of a good tomato salad this summer.


A production 100% Made in France:

All our knives as well as the tomato special are produced in Biesles in Haute Marne, a cutlery stronghold. In addition to this geographical footprint, they are all guaranteed for life, which asserts a superior and demanding quality.        Nogent *** is a brand that prides itself on being able to base its reliability on 100% Made in France blades and handles.