Get your sleeves ready to cut!

A quality since 1923

Since 1923, Nogent*** has been committed to offering you products that correspond to you and adapt to your needs while respecting, 100% and in accordance with the best practices, the method of manufacturing a knife.

It is doing everything it can to coordinate its technologies and know-how as closely as possible, while relying on expertise and sustainable performance made in France.

To keep its promises and stay in line, Nogent*** is diversifying its ranges, particularly in its sleeves.


Did you know that?

After the blade, the second most important part is of course the handle. It is important to know that a good handle determines the efficiency of the knife, the shape of the handle gives a real comfort in the hand.

The shape of the handle is a matter of preference, but your morphology, namely, the shape and size of your hand, will determine the type of product made for you. Some will prefer a long, thin handle while others will prefer a rounded, sturdy handle.

But the important thing to remember is that your cutting comfort must be as comfortable as possible. For your pleasure and safety.


A diversification of the sleeves

Nogent*** diversifies its ranges by offering different types of handles, whether they are made of charming wood. This wood highlights a classic aspect, especially since this very hard and heavy wood and is highly resistant to impact and wear. Nogent *** goes further because we offer charming wooden handles available in several colours. And yes, you need it for all tastes and desires, to impress you.

Whether it is pink for the “girly” side or orange for the energetic side, everyone has their favourite colour. But Nogent *** does not stop there, because in addition to the charming wooden handles, you can cook with polypropylene handles for a more contemporary look.


But what is polypropylene really?

Polypropylene, more commonly known as polypropylene, is a type of plastic often used in consumer goods, particularly for the manufacture of food containers. This type of plastic has the advantage of being light and robust.

Nogent*** therefore aims to suit and satisfy everyone’s tastes!

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