The unusual of this summer

Looking for an oyster?

Nogent*** has been at your side since 1923, and this company does not stop supporting you in your daily life. With the arrival of sunny days and sunshine, it’s time to stop craving a stew or a blanquette. Now it’s time to enjoy a good oyster bag with your friends by the sea, with the sound of the ocean, in short, the perfect setting.

As you will have understood, this article will talk about seafood and oyster knives.


How to open your oyster properly.

Here are some tips to open your oysters without risking ending up in the emergency room:

  • Right-handed, place your oyster in your left hand, the part to be opened towards you with the flat part above. Left-handed people, take your oyster in your right hand, the opening towards you and the flat part above. Feel free to place a cloth in your hand to limit injuries (we are never too careful)
  • Once the oyster is well positioned, you can gently insert the blade by forcing it on the side of the oyster. The penetration point must be halfway through the oyster in order to fall on the muscle that helps the shell stay closed.
  • Finally, as soon as the blade is introduced, cut the muscle by passing as close as possible to the upper shell for a presentation worthy of professionals.

Be careful not to integrate a shell inside the oyster, it is always very unpleasant to find a shell in your mouth…


What is a good oyster knife?

Opening oysters can be scary if you do it wrong and you can quickly make a short stay in the emergency room. In order to open oysters very easily, it is essential to use an oyster knife. The traditional knife is not at all suitable for opening shells. The limestone shell is particularly tough. It needs to be opened with a sharp, rigid and short blade to allow a safer gesture. The use of a blade from a traditional knife could damage the edge and thread of the knife. The thinness of the handle could injure you without allowing the mollusc to open and therefore the oyster to open. Specially designed to open the shell, an oyster knife ensures efficiency and safety. It is also important that the handle of the knife is solid, comfortable and easy to handle, for an optimal grip.