Basics for my kitchen – Affidenté® Expert Set

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Knives for experts:Nogent***, c'est du 100% fabrication française !

Nogent *** is 100% made in France! The only genuine “Affidenté®” cutting finish, guaranteeing a 4-tooth toothing that is virtually invisible to the naked eye for exceptional cutting quality. You must also know that thanks to this blade, you no longer have to sharpen your blade! To table or to cook, this knife will be your favorite knife! And in addition it goes to the dishwasher!

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The delivery is offered beyond 50 € of purchase. Trust the quality Nogent *** 100% MADE IN FRANCE

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Knives for experts:

It’s now or never to eat! Make room for the new Nogent *** box that includes all the knives for experts in my kitchen. Each cook can now find the kit box that he needs according to his culinary activity! With boxes of several ranges and grouping all products, no one is left without a solution. The Color boxes give the opportunity to young cooks, students or young professionals, to bring at one time knives for experts of the kitchen. These basics are as good for the table as on the worktop! Choose from paring knife, peelers, table knives or steak knives. And because Nogent *** is for all cooks with quality made in France, you can choose your boxes in three different ranges. Fall for batches of Color knives, Classic knives or lots of Knives Experts. Do not forget that all our knives are guaranteed for life! So everyone at table with Nogent*** table knives


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